22 July, 2024

Optimising compressed air systems: Reducing costs and enhancing sustainability

11 July, 2024

In today’s climate of fluctuating energy prices, the inefficiency of compressed air delivery systems can be a significant financial burden. System leaks and outdated filters exacerbate this issue, but an optimised setup can yield substantial savings. Donaldson, a leader in filtration solutions, has demonstrated this potential through a series of efficiency projects.

New maintenance free compressed air filter does the job of three conventional filters

02 July, 2024

ERIKS UK & Ireland has launched a new compressed air filtration technology - Expel. The compressed air filter continually removes 99.9999% of water, oil emulsion fluids and solid particulates down to 1 micron. Its design means that users never have to change any internal elements, but simply fit and forget. Typically, it would take three conventional compressed air filters – one each for water, oil emulsion and solid particulates – to do the job of one Expel

Energy Audit Manager to support customers with cost reduction solutions

18 June, 2024

Direct Air has appointed Daniel Murphy as Energy Audit Manager, reflecting the company’s commitment to energy efficiency. With compressed air being a significant energy consumer in industry, Murphy’s expertise will help in providing tailored solutions for cost reduction.

Digital compressed air monitoring offers cost cutting solution

11 June, 2024

A new compressed air monitoring system has been unveiled that accurately predicts where significant energy cost-savings can be made by fixing air leaks and removing wastage across entire production and logistics facilities. H&P takes a closer look.

European demand drives investment in energy-efficient air compressors

28 May, 2024

Aggreko has ramped up investment in its highly efficient 100% oil-free air compressors in Europe following increased demand for greener, energy efficient solutions across energy intensive industries.

Next generation of oil-free compressors

15 May, 2024

Atlas Copco has announced it has updated its popular ZT 15-22 oil-free tooth compressors to deliver high-quality air with a reduced carbon footprint and lower energy consumption.

Marine compressed air system

09 May, 2024

The VARD shipbuilding group has announced it has contracted TMC Compressors (TMC) to supply a complete marine compressed air system to a newbuild cable laying vessel that it is constructing for Prysmian.

BCAS appoints new Executive Director Designate

23 April, 2024

The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) has appointed Ashley Quarterman as its new Executive Director Designate.

Compressed air with energy efficiency at the core

16 April, 2024

Niccolò Casini, Director of Product Management, ELGi Europe  examines ways to consume less energy, produce more, and bring lasting benefits in terms of sustainability, profitability, and effectiveness to your compressed air applications.

New food-safe compressed air blow gun offers potential breakthrough

02 April, 2024

Tom Parker Ltd, an authorised distributor of CEJN products to the UK fluid power market for over 50 years, has announced the release of the 208 Detect FDA-approved blow gun. This latest addition to its product line is designed to address concerns surrounding accidental contamination, product rejections, recalls, and waste, particularly within the food and beverage industry

Dual-speed compressor

02 May, 2024

Atlas Copco Compressors says it has introduced the world’s first dual-speed compressor, the GA 11-30 FLX. Positioned between fixed-speed compressors and those with variable speed drives (VSD), the GA FLX gives compressed air users a third option. Thanks to the dual-speed technology, the start-up peak, unload power and transient losses are significantly lower than other fixed speed compressors. As a result, the GA FLX consumes up to 20% less energy, positioning it as the most energy-efficient fixed-speed compressor within the portfolio.

Digital compressed air monitoring

19 March, 2024

SICK has announced it has unveiled a pioneering compressed air monitoring system that accurately predicts where significant energy cost-savings can be made by fixing air leaks and removing wastage across entire production and logistics facilities.

What to do if an OEM fails to deliver on routine maintenance

29 February, 2024

Routine refurbishment of important rotating machinery is vital for continued, reliable operation but if the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fails to deliver an optimum service, what other options are available? H&P reports

How much do air leaks really cost?

08 February, 2024

We all know that compressed air leaks are a huge source of energy (and money) waste, but do you know how much they really cost? After conducting around 60 surveys in different facilities from different industries, using an ultrasound camera, UE Systems concluded that the average leak would cost around £1200 per year. When you think that any industrial site will have dozens or even hundreds of leaks, you can quickly realise the savings potential. H&P reports.

Sauer Compressors appoints two new Managing Directors

30 January, 2024

1. The new management of Sauer Compressors: (from left) Hendrik Murmann (CEO), Nicole Fässler (CFO), Mladen Milcinovic (COO), Dirk Slottke (CSO) and Peter Mißfeldt (CTO). (© Sauer Compressors).

Two new Managing Directors have strengthened the management team of the Sauer Compressors Group. The compressor manufacturer has appointed Nicole Fässler as CFO and Mladen Milcinovic as COO as of 1 January 2024.

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