18 May, 2024

An alternative to a stationary pneumatic screwdriver

30 October, 2015

The trend in avoiding compressed air as a drive medium in various production and assembly processes can result in a great deal of expense when it comes to stationary automated screw assembly. The Deprag Minimat air screwdrivers are said to guarantee reliability while retaining top functionality and torque accuracy.

Those who want to follow the trend of reducing their use of compressed air were, up until now, compelled to switch to the relatively expensive alternative of electric screwdriving tools. These tools are claimed to be best suited when high requirements are demanded relating to accuracy torque capability and flexibility. When this is not the case it can quickly lead to expensive ‘over engineering’. The logical consequence was the unmistakable demand for electricity as a drive medium in combination with the mechanical shut-off clutch which has proved itself a thousand times over.

Deprag Schulz GMBH u. Co. has reacted to the market and now launches its newest screwdriving solution: the Minimat-E spindle screwdriver with mechanical shut-off clutch.

It is the alternative to stationary screwdrivers and said to be the optimal solution for work stations where compressed air is not desired or there is no compressed air available. Deprag claims that this expansion of the spindle screwdriver range has set a new standard: There is now a Deprag screwdriving solutions available for every application case.

The particular strength of the Minimat-E spindle screwdriver lies in screw assembly in the torque range 0.3 Nm to 4.8 Nm. High speeds of 650 up to 2000 rpm guarantee short cycle times.

The Minimat-E screwdriver operates using the well-established principle of the mechanical shut-off clutch. Using the shut-off clutch guarantees torque accuracy of 3 per cent standard deviation, irrespective of the screw joint. In many cases however even better accuracy can be achieved so that under certain conditions a machine capability index of ≥ 1.67 can be attained even with a tolerance requirement of ±10 per cent. This means that the error rate is less than 0.6 per million screw assemblies. For further enhancement of the processing reliability the screw-in depth and screwdriver shut-off can additionally be monitored.

Shorter cycle times

Depending on application case significantly shorter cycle times can be achieved as this screwdriver runs at maximum speed right up to the shut-off point of the clutch. Whereas in order to reach the stated accuracy other controlled screwdrivers are subject to a speed reduction before shut-off.

The screwdriver is designed for tough industrial use with high quality, robust system components guaranteeing reliability and a long lifespan. The maintenance free brushless EC drive provides outstanding dynamics and high top torques ideal for screw tightening.

The screwdriver is available with push-to-start or remote start PLC signal. As well as screw assembly to torque the remote start version can carry out screw assembly to designated screw-in depth or a defined loosening procedure via reversal of the screwdriver.

The adaption options for inserting tools and additional components such as guide sleeves or vacuum connections are designed in the same way as the Deprag pneumatic screwdriver MG2 so that identical accessories may be used.


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