20 October, 2018

New high flow servo valve from Star Hydraulics

17 June, 2015

Star Hydraulics has launched its new 902HF 3 stage high flow servo valve. Having developed the use of sapphires into its range of servo valves to limit wear and improve performance the company has now introduced this new 3 stage valve.

Affordable UV LED flashlight for leak detection

07 May, 2015

Spectronics Corporation has introduced the LeakTracker (P/N LT-300) ─ a powerful, economical UV LED leak detection flashlight that is claimed to be ideal for all industrial fluid system applications.

Inspection kit detects hydraulic fluid injection injuries

29 April, 2015

Alerton International has introduced the SafetyBlu SB-450 Blue Light Inspection Kit, featuring a portable, high-intensity blue light (450 nm) LED flashlight. Used in conjunction with the company’s revolutionary FluidSafe fluorescent additive, the SB-450 kit locates hydraulic fluid leaks early on. This can help prevent injection injuries to mine workers, and can also reduce fluid consumption by 5 to 7 per cent annually.

Spiral hose helps continuous miners reduce downtime in South Africa

29 April, 2015

Power management company Eaton’s Aeroquip X-Flex very high pressure spiral hose has been performing to expectations and helping manufacturers servicing continuous miners operating in highly abrasive environments in South Africa to meet their contracted coal extraction rate terms by increasing uptime and decreasing maintenance and service times.

App for rapid configuration and calculation of sub-assemblies

29 April, 2015

R+L Hydraulics has developed a web app for configuring and calculating hydraulics assemblies. The new program was presented for the first time at this month’s Hannover Messe trade fair. The Fluidware App is an online application for calculating layouts of sub-assemblies, consisting of bell housing, shaft coupling and accessories. Uniting the functions of conventional configuration software with additional design, sales and service functions in a single application, the app can be used either with a web browser on a desktop PC or on a tablet.

PH Crane range from Penny Hydraulics

29 April, 2015

Penny Hydraulics has launched its new range of fully hydraulic PH Cranes. Introduced to meet the needs of the 1 to 18 tonne UK commercial vehicle market, the range offers over 470 lightweight, user-friendly and innovative models. It has between 0,5 and 5 tm lifting capacity with boom reaches up to 6.83 metres. A variety of optional extras and accessories are available including full stability control, high speed hoists and radio remote controls.

Fluid power increases solar efficiency

02 April, 2015

Skyfuel inc, of Arvada, Colorado designs and manufactures parabolic trough concentrating solar collectors, to harness solar radiation for the production of steam for utility-grade electricity generation and industrial applications. Crucial to the effective operation of the parabolic trough is the ability to precisely position the concentrator for maximum solar capture as the sun moves across the sky.

Freudenberg introduces new generation of polyurethane

02 April, 2015

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has introduced a new generation of polyurethane that is expected to set new standards for the sealing industry. The polyurethane was developed for a wide array of uses and the new standard material is more resistant to water and withstands major temperature fluctuations than existing polyurethanes.

Pall launches Coralon filter element upgrade

02 April, 2015

Pall Corporation has launched the Coralon hydraulic and lube oil filter element range, a direct upgrade for Pall’s Ultipor and Red1000 series filters. Coralon filter elements incorporate a new medium pack construction that benefits from Stress-Resistant filter medium Technology (SRT) along with other material upgrades to provide improved fluid cleanliness, enhanced fluid cleanliness sustainability, and lower clean pressure drop while providing equivalent service life of its Ultipor predecessor.

Online sealing technology resource centre

02 April, 2015

A new information hub has been launched to showcase best practice in sealing technology in a bid to provide ‘solutions for tomorrow’s engineering’. The Knowledge Centre by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions aims to bridge the gap between design engineers’ needs and standard technology documentation, bringing useful information together as part of one digital portal.

FluidSafe fluorescent additive saves money by detecting hydraulic fluid leaks early

06 March, 2015

FluidSafe fluorescent additive from Alerton International quickly detects hydraulic leaks in fluid power system hoses, fittings, seals and other components. This saves money by reducing operating costs. Undetected hydraulic fluid leaks cost the mining industry untold amounts of money. This includes the costs of fluid replacement, problematic system operation, equipment breakdown, fines for environmental contamination, and the possibility of fluid injection injuries to personnel. It has been estimated that in North America alone, over 100 million gallons (380 million litres) of hydraulic fluid could be saved every year if leakage was eliminated. FluidSafe is ideal for preventive maintenance. When used in combination with a SafetyBlu blue light inspection kit or blue lens filter specially designed to fit over a variety of mining lamps, it can easily detect fluid leaks that are usually very hard to find. The exact source of even extremely small leaks is pinpointed by its bright green fluorescent glow. Users have reported a 5% to 7% savings in hydraulic fluid consumption. At $5 per gallon ($1.30 per litre) for hydraulic fluid, these savings are equivalent to $0.25 to $0.35 per gallon (3.8 L) ─ vastly surpassing the cost of FluidSafe. FluidSafe is available in two specially formulated blends to work with both oil-based hydraulic fluids and oil-in-water emulsion hydraulic fluids. www.alertoninternational.com.

$1 million Subsea Well Response Project order for Amarinth

06 March, 2015

Amarinth – the company specialising in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical, industrial and renewable energy markets – has been appointed by Expro to deliver US$1 million of API 610 OH1 pumps for the Subsea Well Response Project.

New hand pump range ‘for every industrial application’

06 March, 2015

Holmatro is introducing a new series of hand pumps said to be suitable for all industrial applications. The company reports that, from experience, it knows that not all employees treat tools with equal care. This, it adds, is why the new Holmatro hand pumps are very robust. According to Holmatro, the pumps can withstand rough treatment and are not affected by rain or sand. They are also said to be very service- and maintenance-friendly. All technical parts are very accessible and modules can easily be replaced without disassembling the tank.

Poclain launches MI250 large displacement motor

06 March, 2015

Poclain Hydraulics is turning towards its more demanding markets with a new hydraulic motor that has a maximum displacement of 30 L. According to the company, this product will satisfy its customers’ requirements for reliability and lifespan, while also coming in a compact size.

Subsea high pressure hoses for enhanced safety and increased uptime

24 February, 2015
Power management company Eaton has launched the Synflex 3395-32 and 3394-32 Thermoplastic Hoses, designed specifically to help increase uptime, safety and reliability for subsea oil and gas applications. The new high pressure hoses are a market exclusive for 2-inch hoses reinforced with Kevlar to withstand the demanding oil and gas industry in a lightweight package. “Uptime is crucial to the success of operations within the critical environments faced by the oil and gas industry each day,” said Ulrich Ammer, product marketing manager at Eaton. “Eaton’s Synflex offering helps keep projects up and running with light weight, durable, Kevlar-reinforced hoses that are safer and easier to handle in even the most challenging environmental conditions.” Light, flexible and buoyant By reinforcing each hose with Kevlar instead of steel wire, this latest Synflex product development is claimed to be considerably lighter, more flexible and more buoyant than competitive steel wire reinforced hoses. At less than 1.4 pounds per foot (lbs/ft.) in air, the 3395-32 weighs in 3 lbs/ft. lighter than steel wire hoses, considerable weight savings when factoring in the thousands of feet required for subsea applications. The weight reduction removes the need for specialty equipment to deploy down and reel up the hose, while making it easier and safer for workers to move or carry. Both the 3395-32 and 3394-32 hoses are built with P40 TL grade nylon core tubes, with two braids of Kevlar aramid fiber reinforcement and jacketed with black polyurethane, which is pin-pricked in accordance with API 17E. The Guardian abrasion protection and patent-pending detection overlay is separated from the base hose by a Mylar film with a linear monofilament to permit gas flow between the hose and the overlay. The 3395-32 hose is rated for 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi) working pressure and a 3-to-1 burst to WP ratio, while the 3394-32 hose is rated for 3750 psi working pressuring with a full API 17E rating and 4-to-1 burst to WP ratio. Both products exceed 200,000 impulse test cycles and can withstand operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 72 degrees Celsius. The hoses are currently available in continuous lengths up to 2500 feet. www.eaton.com/hydraulics

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